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Ten · Words...

...to Ten People

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Over the past week or so, a few issues have popped up regarding ex-girlfriends. In response, I have a ten words for ten people specifically targeted at my ex-girlfriends.
  1. You made your choice. Quit trying to blame me for it. I think what you chose was stupid, for the most part (not the education), but it was your choice. Other things are not entirely your choice. Every refuge has it's price.
  2. I'm sorry he thinks you are too much for him. Sometimes you are too much.
  3. Give him a chance. Dating under your circumstances is difficult.
  4. He does love you, and he is torn up about having to make a choice, just like you were.
  5. You made it, you sleep in it.
  6. Sounds like things are going okay. WRITE MORE.
  7. See #6
  8. Good god, woman. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I am NOT the only fish in the sea.
  9. I am more than a computer guy. You could be social.
  10. Well, you do owe it to him. Good for you!

That should just about do it.

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Ten Words, new and improved! In this case, every single one has a LJ account and either is or was on my friend's list.

  1. Even if they got the info from me, it is your fault that you did what you did. Don't blame me for your behavior, even if it was in the past.
  2. He left you. Waa. Did you really expect anything different from your lifestyle?
  3. I still dream about you sometimes.
  4. I wish I had sympathy for you, but I really don't. You have passed up every chance to get out of the situation you are in, including the chance I gave you.
  5. If you were here, things would be different. I don't know how, but they would be.
  6. You are too trusting and too suspicious at the same time. It is a weird combination.
  7. I think you and I both know that we had little in common with our clothes on.
  8. You know how to stop my pain. Until you do, I can't accept your apology.
  9. This time is different.
  10. I guess you have your backup back.
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The Ten Words Format: The ten "words" must be in a numbered list, either manually or using the <ol> tags. They must not use names and be relatively vague as far as publically describing the person they are targeted at. Whether you want the person the word is directed at to know it is them is up to you. You can be detailed, vague, or a bit of both. It is recommended that you read through Ten Words and look at other entries to understand the format.

Theory: Ten words to Ten People allows you to say what you really want to say to the people you really want to say it to without causing too much damage to the relationship you have with them. The point is to be vague enough that it may not be related to the person it really is related to, while being specific enough that they may understand that it is them you are speaking to.

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